A10 Clinical Solutions is a clinical research and clinical care company that works with pharmaceutical companies, government entities and other organizations to bring new and innovative drugs and healthcare improvements to market faster. We specialize in clinical resourcing, clinical government, clinical financial services, clinical international, clinical information technology and corporate clinics.



Clinical Research Staffing 

A10 has been a preferred staffing supplier vendor for major pharmaceutical companies filling up the contractual roles for different positions like Laboratory technicians, Safety scientist, Research scientist, Bench scientist, Drug safety specialist, Project managers, Program managers, directors, Associate scientists, Research coordinators, Clinical Research Associates, Site monitors, Medical monitors, Clinical Study Specialist, Statisticians, and Business Analyst.

Scientific Research Staffing

A10 serves as a strategic alliance partner for scientific workforce solutions.

As your business evolves, the strategic impact of your clinical or scientific talent evolves with it. A10 can help you adapt through a wide scope of workforce solutions that deliver the quality professionals you demand.

We built our recruitment success on the value of quality people. Today we are one of the world’s leading sources for scientific and clinical research talent, built on our strategic partnership, depth of technical expertise, and longstanding experience in targeted science industry specializations.  As scientific advancements have become more sophisticated, and projects have become more complex – our talent solutions have kept pace with innovation for the past 15 years. Ranging from intern program management to Functional Service Provider (FSP) partnerships and beyond, we feature proven services that integrate hard-to-find, high-caliber talent into your business.

A10 supports clients by providing staff to research hospitals/academic centers. The A10 staff provides research interviews, answer all questions according to protocol and administers informed consent to thousands of qualified research subjects who agree to participle in research studies by signing and giving their consent. A10 also provides Patient Recruitment Care Center for Clinical studies.

IT Staffing

A10 supports clients of various sizes with their IT staffing needs both in the healthcare, Pharmaceutical and non-Pharmaceutical industries. Our IT division helps your organization find and hire within 24 to 48 hours the right people who are qualified for your IT job positions.

Our focus is to help improve the quality and quantity of work done by your company through optimum and qualified talents. Job satisfaction rates increase because we supply only talents who are well suited for their position and are happy to be doing their specialty of work. This results in a higher productive performance from your company since we ensure the right people are staffed. Bringing on A10 as your IT supplier, your company will be set for further growth and development.

Workforce Solutions

A10 provides customized workforce solutions to its clients. This partnership saves clients valuable time and money because they can now focus on what they do best.

We are the Employer of Record for our employees, so we save you the time and headaches associated with:

  • Expense and Budget Reporting
  • Payroll, Taxes and Worker’s Comp
  • Back Office Systems and Support
  • Full Personnel Management
  • Employment Law Compliance

Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

Our Comprehensive Staffing Solutions is dedicated to pairing companies with the best employees to fit their needs.

Finding and hiring skilled talent is more significant than ever before. Our Comprehensive Staffing Solutions has the tools to connect companies with the best recruits, as well as connect applicants with the right jobs for all of their qualifications. If you are in need of qualified employees or if you are in need of employment, we can help you.  

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. We work with businesses like yours who know they should be achieving better results considering their potential and available marketplace opportunities.

Often, what is missing is an outside-in perspective of a firm that understands the local market and is made up of entrepreneurs and business-savvy leaders who have experience helping companies just like yours. If your business has the appetite of an elephant but is eating like an ant, we can help.

A10 is a vendor of choice for non-medical clients seeking a fast, reliable, and long-term supplier of human resources in various disciplines throughout the United States.

Healthcare project management

Healthcare project management can be intense. Why? Because the stakes are higher. Like other organizations, hospitals that practice effective project management will benefit from lower costs and improved outcomes. But patient well-being is also a factor, which makes project management in healthcare more complex—and very important. It’s worth the investment and effort to make sure it’s done right because the hospital and patients will always benefit.

A10 assumes full management responsibility for health services, including outside vendor management, clinical staffing, administration of regulatory and medical surveillance services, onsite and near-site health services in multiple locations throughout the United States. A10 scope of work can include records keeping, records management, reporting regulatory/OSHA standards compliance and information security. Policy and Procedures can be customized to client’s specific needs. A10 can further provide initial assessment, advisement, implementation of health services operations, procedural and equipment efficiencies improvements, health services cost-containment, cost reduction, health services initial communication, and dissemination of information to employees in collaboration with Clients and key stakeholders.

A10 provides On-Site Sleep Disorder Testing statewide and nationwide both for government and private clients. A10 had in the past created a powerful network to provide on-site sleep disorder testing and related services for the NC Department of Public Safety Prison System throughout the state of North Carolina. With the growth of sleep science and importance of treating sleep disorders, A10’s clinical expertise was leveraged nationwide to properly evaluate, diagnose, and manage complex sleep cases in various settings and for an array of clients.

Occupational health management

Our broad cross-industry experience enables us to target the specific needs of your business, taking a flexible approach to managing the health and wellbeing of your employees.

A10 provides occupational health services such as injury management and medical surveillance examinations to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and confirm that employees are safe to continue their job as part of the overall management of health services for client.

A10 can also provide oversight to the client’s occupational health programs, case management and other health-related functions. A10 can serve as the health consultant and program manager, working with Client’s management, employees, outside medical providers, community resources and other vendors. A10 will provide Expert know-how to clients in the area of Examination Compliance, Controlled Substance Testing, Drug and Alcohol Program/Aftercare, Disability Management, Management of Work Related Injury/Illness Claims, American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Process, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Crisis Management, Hearing Conservation Program Compliance, Respiratory Medical Compliance, Health Education/Wellness Programs, and Medical Provider Management. A10 staff are certified Occupational Health Nurses (COHN, COHN-S, and/or CCM) who can travel to Clients locations as well as to Clients medical providers to provide training and education to both Clients employees and vendors. A10 can provide these services in multiple locations across the United States.

State and Federal Government Contracting

A10 provides staffing personnel for medical and non-medical services. Staffing can consist of one or thousands of healthcare, or non-healthcare workers throughout the United States. A10 also supports both State and Federal Government projects in the area of health and research. A10 provided support for the US Military with its Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) program. The project was for supporting army veterans with mental health counseling.