Why We Do It!

We fight for better health for today’s world communities.

Excerpt from “Leading with Care” author Mary Cantando in conjunction with CARE , a non-profit organization.

“A10’s Founder, Leah Brown, speaks of why she was inspired to create A10 –

Life was on the right track for me shortly after graduating from college in the disco 80’s; until a snowy day in Manhattan, I received a called from the hospital, telling me my close relative had only days to live. He was stricken by HIV and full AIDS has grown rampant. Taking the #2 subway train to be by his bedside at Harlem hospital each day, I grew more frustrated that the doctors couldn’t help him, an otherwise young vibrant man. The man I loved and grew to be my best friend and confidant, died fast before my eyes. Through this conflicting clash of sadness and frustration, I was moved to find a way to help get new, innovative medicines to the people that need them before it’s too late.”

We fight for families, yours and ours.

Featured in a new book about women that are inspiring businesses around the world.

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