Green Standards

*October 6, 2010: The A10 on-boarding process is now paperless and A10 has moved to electronic filing.

A10 has made a commitment to our world by implementing an environmental sustainability program. In other words, A10 has gone green!

A 10 step process has been put into effect in A10’s headquarters and across the country with the help of our many employees:

  1. Employee Involvement
  2. Recycling Services
  3. Green Commute
  4. Paper Watch
  5. Going Digital
  6. Green Items
  7. Commitment to the Community
  8. Decrease Energy Use
  9. Green Workspace
  10. Publicize

All of our employees receive green guidelines upon being hired. They have the option to participate in our green initiative and we express our appreciation to them with a Green Certificate and a Green Token of Appreciation. We know that A10 would not be able to do this without the help of our valued employees.

By looking to our employees and outside resources, we are able to help to protect the environment and its natural resources, provide a healthy work environment, and save money for key clients!

The most intriguing part of A10’s green initiative is incorporating government guidelines and sustainable medicine practices in order to make the greatest difference. A10’s On-Site C3 Clinics are developed using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System. LEED Accredited Professionals aid in the development of A10’s On-Site C3 Clinics to ensure that our space adheres as closely as possible to the U.S. Green Building Council’s guidelines.

Not only is our space green, but our employees are green too! Our primary care providers, medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, complementary medicine providers, mental health providers, health educators and healthcare administration are knowledgeable about sustainable medicine, which is the relationship between the environment, medicine and health. We value and do what it takes to protect our natural resources, but we value and protect our medical resources as well.

In an effort to maintain and expand our environmental efforts, A10 has set measurable sustainability goals for ourselves:

  • Energy Reduction: 15% by 2015
  • Water Use Reduction: 20% by 2018
  • Waste Reduction: 100% paperless – achieved in 2010!!
  • Workforce Injury/Illness Reduction: Adopt OSHA cooperative programs by 2016
  • Workforce Wellness: 85% employee engagement in wellness programs by 2014
  • Community Investment: Increase 10% by 2016

When you become a part of A10, you become a part of something much bigger than our company; you become a part of an eco-friendly world!