The mission of business partnering consists in “creating, organizing, developing and enforcing operative (short-term), tactical (medium-term), and strategic (long-term) partnerships with businesses supporting the community.”

Government Partners

A10 and our Government Partners offer innovative research and technical expertise to governments and businesses worldwide.

International Partners

Focused on quality, efficiency and effective delivery in the conduct of clinical research within the African continent.

Clinical Partners

Regulatory compliance consulting for life science companies.

Providing expert clinical, regulatory, training, auditing services and business management solutions that are earmarked by proactive strategies and continuous quality improvement methods.

An outsource and development services provider.

Technology Partners

Cost effective Staffing, Patient Flow, and Marketing.

Providing high-quality information technology products and services to government and commercial clients.

Community Outreach Partners

Supporting a vibrant diverse community of women entrepreneurs achieving the common goal of financial independence and prosperity for all.

Providing pharmaceutical, bio-tech, clinical research organizations (CROs) and governmental agencies with the need and desire to increase diversity spend.

Media Partners

A magazine for women business owners.

An award winning production, design and imaging company focused on corporate and urban lifestyle.

Resource Partners

Self health monitoring for chronic conditions.